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Face mask innovation of the year.

Face mask Innovation of the year nominated by Scottish Enterprise.
This award is given for an innovative product, process or service that has been developed over the past five years (since 1st August 2013) in conjunction with a university or research institute partner.

Bandanair expects 99.86% coronavirus success based on lab test by the UK Health Protection Agency

Face mask Innovation of the year

Bandanair has designed an ergonomic, multi-use face mask to offer a first-line shield, from air-borne bacteria and viruses, pollen and pollutants to PM10 and PM2.5 fine dust, VOCs and Carbon dioxide concentrations.

Their Face Masks use a blend of Antiviral, Virucidal, silver-impregnated, activated carbon filters tested by U.K.’s Health Protection Agency. Bandanair’s ‘killer fabric’ attracts and neutralises up to 99.86% of viruses. The masks, as yet not widely available in the UK, are not classified as PPE or as medical face masks but will follow General Product Safety Regulations – Guidance-for-businesses-and-individuals-face-coverings-version-2.pdf

With their Face mask Innovation of the year nomination, Bandanair has been thrust unwittingly into the limelight as companies across the globe, keen to get back to work, clamour for information on protective face masks in a sea of ill-informed rhetoric.
Across the globe, from fashion companies to sweatshops and very likely, our own back rooms, folks are franticly making face masks following the international U-turn on ‘facecoverings’ policy.

“I get it”, Said Jason Faichney, Bandanair MD. “It’s the wild west out there.” “Most manufacturers are starting from scratch, and have no idea what they’re doing.” “From their naive marketing, I know this to be true.” “We were there three years ago; we’re that much ahead of the game” Luckily for Bandanair, more informed SME’s and corporations have acknowledged this experience. Bandanair is well-positioned to be the go-to source for air quality monitors and mask solutions post or legacy COVID-19. Jason Faichney went on: “We are being fed a lot of misinformation – it kinda makes my blood boil.” he said. “Few know what they are buying, least of all for what purpose”.

Bandanair is developing protocols for major companies and have identified ways to retrofit Bandanair’s unique filter into existing air quality management systems from large commercial operations to Ceiling Cassettes and less apparent routes, such as hairdryers and adhesive information patches.

Jason Faichney said a top accountancy firm is preparing a valuation and the company is already talking with investors regarding participation in a U.S. Spinout.

Face mask Innovation of the year

The LEGACY multi-use face mask helps protect you from impurities in the air and the transfer of bacteria and viruses to and from others.
The whole mask is a filter. LEGACY is an improved face-fit, multi-use face-mask designed to offer a first-line shield from air-borne pollutants such as bacteria & viruses, pollen, fine dust, PM10 & PM2.5, VOCs and Carbon Dioxide
The LEGACY mask incorporates a military-grade antiviral, viricidal, silver-impregnated active carbon filter. In tests by the UK’s Health Protection Agency, the filter neutralised up to 99.86% of known viruses.
You can wash the LEGACY mask in warm soapy water.
Discard the entire mask if breathing becomes impaired.

For Bandanair by Cambridge Masks

For Bandanair by ZH.

Face mask Innovation of the year

Bandanair is an innovative Scottish Enterprise dedicated to addressing significant social and environmental problems – clean air in particular. Every year, poor air quality leads to chronic health problems and related deaths for tens of thousands of people in the United Kingdom alone.

We provide first class ‘level 1’ sensors, monitors, face masks, filters and smart applications to help gather data to inform and empower businesses and communities to manage air pollution.

Bandanair works with business, government agencies, universities and research institutes to achieve its aim of addressing critical social and environmental issues.

We have partnered with Scottish and international institutions and companies to foster positive change, curate talent, and initiate and commission innovative projects that will help us advance to a cleaner, healthier future.

We bring ideas, a dynamic and collaborative culture, and substantial resources to working with like-minded individuals and organisations. We want to highlight our partners’ causes and celebrate their environmental success stories.

The world’s tiniest Air Quality Monitor – exclusively from Bandanair.

The tiny PiCO Home air quality monitor is small enough to fit in your hand. Attach it to your smart device anywhere and everywhere you go to get real-time information on the surrounding air quality.

PiCO Home’s laser-based particle sensors detect:

  • Cancer-causing PM10 and PM2.5 fine dust
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • CO₂ (Carbon dioxide) concentrations
  • the temperature and humidity

PiCO at home and outdoors

PiCO can be linked to any Wi-Fi device and interacts with indoor smart home appliances such as humidifiers, air purifiers, and air conditioners to fully automate air quality levels in your home. The device is so small you can also take it with you when you leave home.

Using the PiCO app to track and records air pollution levels around you, you can instantly see the updates and take steps to help you and your family breathe more easily. If you’re away from home, keeping informed of the air quality around you can help you decide whether to change location or wear your air pollution mask.

You can even help others by sharing the information with family, friends and colleagues, as well as the country-wide database

PiCO at work

Businesses and community organisations are responsible for providing healthy work environments for their staff and visitors. Location-specific air quality data from multiple work locations is increasingly useful to businesses and local authorities.

Fortunately, portable and versatile PiCO can be tailored to suit your business needs. The palm-sized PiCO can be used anywhere, outdoors or indoors, from the foyer or the factory floor to the boardroom.

In public spaces, you can display your PiCO monitor’s real-time air quality data on exhibition-sized screens, providing visitors with confidence in both the air and the organisation responsible for the space.

In businesses, bespoke data sets and workflows can be created for individual organisations looking to build their reputation for air quality.


Air pollution mobile app

Our Pico smart phone application connects smart devices throughout your home and work, including appliances such as humidifiers and air conditioners.

Use the app to monitor the PiCO device’s sensor data and adjust your networked appliances in real time to maintain an optimal environment.

Face mask Innovation of the year ? Celebrate your environmental success stories.

Do you and your customers already enjoy great air quality in your public spaces? Then it’s time to shout about it.
Bandanair is hosting the Best Air Awards 2021 to highlight public places that are successfully creating healthy environments. We want to celebrate and shine a light on businesses and organisations who are leading the way in clean air.

A world-wide, real-time air quality monitor

The app also brings together a community of like-minded, smart and informed individuals and businesses to create better air quality monitoring throughout the United Kingdom.

Instead of relying on algorithms and satellites high in the atmosphere, data gathered by the world-wide community of PiCO users can be pooled through the app to provide collective real-time, ground level information on air quality.

This comprehensive, constantly updating, dynamic real-time view of the air pollution, visualised through an easy-to-understand infographic, empowers and motivates positive change – and could change the face of future air quality monitoring.

The air quality monitor solution for public spaces.

An efficient and highly visible way to inform and empower individuals, businesses and organisations. Breathe easy.

Clean air is a hot health topic in 2021, everywhere from homes and offices to boardrooms and the halls of power. Research by the World Health Organisation clearly shows the link between air pollution and employee productivity.

Bandanair’s goal is to inform and empower people to address and manage air quality and so improve quality of life for families, businesses and customers.

Pico - the world's tiniest Air Pollution Monitor
Destination-specific API display

Air filters for homes and cars

Air doesn’t only matter in the home and at work. We spend about 5.5% of our time in our cars, where the air quality is up to four times poorer. Bandanair’s in-cab USB air purifier ensures the air inside your vehicle remains clean and fresh.

Our High Efficiency Particulate Air filters maintain optimal humidity levels while removing PM10 and PM2.5 and other fine dust particles like pollen, pet dander, mould spores, allergens, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses.

BANDANAIR branded in-car air purifier