Surfboards, motherboards, apple pie and fixing things.

Fixing things?

We caught directors Jason Faichney and Don Jack having lunch at one of their favorite spots: Jean-Louis Costes’s hotel on Rue de Castiglione in Paris, France.

It became evident that understanding what Bandanair does (or why) would be challenging due to NDAs, a delicious apple pie, and Jack’s preference for answering questions through Gilbert, a makeshift napkin puppet with a French accent that gets locals worked up.

“Our strength comes from diverse backgrounds and skill sets.” “Our clients are used to us solving problems.” In business terms, solving problems means rapidly elevating startups’ and scaleups’ value. “Although we have a skilled team, we usually achieve this with just two pairs of eyes, not 20 or 100,” Jason explained. This seems to be a jab at the larger competition.

They are visionaries, creative thinkers, and some might say dreamers, but their stories hold up. Their expertise in everything from IT infrastructure to creativity and fun has attracted attention from companies like Hitachi, Adobe, BP, Kuraray, Bosch, Ford Motor Company, BDO, Consilium, Innovate UK, and the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Programme.

Diverse partners range from the Korean International Growth Fund and the Korean Institute of Science and Technology-backed startups (PiCOHOME and DORAZEE) to US Congress on Capital Hill, Washington DC (Peter McIlroy, MyAir). Clearly, the company is equally comfortable with air filtration, sensor innovation, financial aspects of property acquisition, and development, as they are in their specific areas of interest: risk management, sustainable supply chain consolidation, creativity, and design, all within an environmental context.

C-suite executives looking for a spark of entrepreneurship or inspiration have quickly recognized the benefits of adding these creative minds to their leadership teams.

Their limitless enthusiasm combined with their ability to uncover scalable, profitable business solutions has led to partnerships with industry leaders, including former Group Vice-Presidents of Sanyo and Panasonic: Jarret Wendt and Reid Siggety, Amazon-backed autonomous vehicle specialist Spoke Safety, and Paul Gardener, CEO of Peru Consulting. The company now shares US patents with all of them. With reports of their initial order around US$ 240 million, the owners of Bandanair US must be thrilled with their three-year licensing agreement, which supposedly has significantly lower annual sales targets.

Speaking from his corporate headquarters in Zurich, Jason Faichney, CEO of Bandanair UK, remained quiet about the benefits of exceeding incentive-based compensation.

With all this problem-solving activity, Bandanair was bound to attract the media’s attention.

Earlier this year, the prestigious Business magazine: Business Leader profiled the companies and entrepreneurs set to dominate 2022 and beyond. From established businesses to emerging forces within their sector, these names, they asserted, were among those you need to keep an eye on for the year ahead.

We are delighted to say our MD Jason Faichney and well-known fellow entrepreneur Steven Bartlett made it to the final cut.

Here is what they had to say.

Jason Faichney (Not on social media)


UK-based Bandanair has designed an end-of-life indicator (US Pat. pending) for industrial, vehicle, aviation and domestic air filters. Working with Chemviron (a Kuraray company), Bandanair’s innovation collects status data from the filter, providing this on-demand via any handheld device or database.

Bandanair filters, manufactured by Chemviron, a unique blend of antiviral, virucidal, silver-impregnated, activated carbon, tested by the Health Protection Agency, attract and neutralises up to 99.86% of viruses, and other air-borne bacteria, pollen, pollutants, fine dust, VOCs, and carbon dioxide concentrations.

An instant global air quality monitoring solution.

The EOL indicator could turn any air handling equipment fitted with a Bandanair filter into an air quality monitor. In short, it is considered, the monitoring equipment required to record worldwide air-quality data (in real-time and predictively) is effectively already in place.

The firm has already rejected several multi-million dollar second-round investment propositions.

Steven Bartlett (10 Million social media downloads in a single month)


Previously featured on Business Leader’s front cover and the latest (and youngest ever) addition to BBC TV show Dragons’ Den, Bartlett is the rising star in British business. Alongside his investments in the Den, he runs popular podcast, The Diary Of A CEO, and is an investor/co-founder/NED/senior leader at companies such as thirdweb, Flight Story, atai Life Sciences, Catena Capital and Huel.