Clean air is a hot health topic in 2019, everywhere from homes and offices to boardrooms and the halls of power. Research by the World Health Organisation clearly shows the link between air pollution and employee productivity.

Bandanair’s goal is to inform and empower people to address and manage air quality and so improve quality of life for families, businesses and customers. We also want to celebrate environmental success stories.

Do you and your customers already enjoy great air quality in your public spaces? Then it’s time to shout about it.
Bandanair is holding the Best Air Awards 2019 to highlight public places that are successfully creating healthy environments. We want to celebrate and shine a light on businesses and organisations who are leading the way in clean air.

The Clean Air Award categories are:
·      UK Towns
·      UK cities
·      UK shopping centres
·      UK golf courses
·      UK Attractions
·     Healthiest Airports
Drop us an email to register your interest in our public space Clean Air Awards awareness campaign 2019.