How will you use Bandanair Environmental Data Innovation to bring about change?

There are around 300 Environment Agency managed monitoring sites in total across the UK which monitor air quality.
These are organised into networks that gather a particular kind of information, using a particular method. The pollutants measured and method used by each network depends upon the reason for setting up the network, and what the data are to be used for.

Information is power, right? Actually, how you make use of that information, that’s where the real power lies.


The Wind is Crying.

Bandanair looks forward to a time when no-one will need an air quality sensor in their home or on their person. Until such time, thank Bandanair, we have PiCO Home.

Air quality data is measured by the individual in real-time and at any time, to help people and organisations better manage the impacts of poor Air Quality on their lives.

Our target is to deploy over one million personal air quality monitors, and smart masks within the US over the next 3 years.
The information is gathered in the interests of the individual.

Our vision is realised through deployment of smart solutions making practical use of innovation primarily in IoT/Micro/Nano Sensor and Data capturing technologies. Working closely with a diverse range of academics, NPO’s and influential commercially charged organisations.


We aim to empower, educate and protect our communities.

Together with educational partnerships, we aim to empower, educate and protect our communities, driving much needed change to a growing sector with significant political media attention.

Collectively, our Team has successfully delivered many Environmental Data Innovation projects and brought many products and services to life over a 30+ year period for various clients.

Our current client list ranges from small tech start-up’s (Kudax) to Global market leaders (ABB Technology in Switzerland), delivering Global Transition and Transformation Projects.  Effective collaboration has always been at the forefront of our core, engaging the right individuals and organisations at the right time, gaining trust and building relationships.

The Team dynamic is extremely well positioned to capitalise on Global and Domestic opportunities, synergies and throughout a wide, diverse range of Market Sectors.

A  flavour of some of our Environmental Data Innovation in-flight projects:

SMART Anti-pollution Personal Face Masks.
Wearable, colour-change, pollution Alert Fabric technology
Activated-Carbon sensor innovation
Air pollution Monitoring Optimisation solutions

Personal Air Quality Monitors (integrated with Mobile App (ioS & Android), IoT enabled, IFTTT & Alexa compatible)
In-car Air Purification solutions
Gas & Utility Predictive Maintenance Solutions
Clean Air Awards (from Taxi Companies to National Landmarks, Towns & Cities)